Specialised services

Seagic also supplies custom services for the more advanced liquefied gas projects.

The Seagic expert

The Seagic expert brings practical on board and market experience to your projects. Years of experience in the maritime liquefied gas business can help to improve your operations. Specialized decisions can be made or the more advanced liquefied gas transhipment operations can be guided by a Seagic expert.

We make sure that the right person is at the right place for your specific project. After the first contact we will review your application and make a plan of approach for the goals you set. We make sure that the Seagic expert has the right knowledge and is able to help you with your solution.


Guidance on board

Some specialized operations require additional guidance on board for the crew. The Seagic team has many years of operational experience on board which can help to improve the flow of your specialized operations.

Custom training

Training of office staff or crew on board is of great importance to improve the company's performance. In addition to the Seagic online training platform, it is possible to get a customized training program that runs online or at a physical location.

Technical research

Technical investigations usually take place when problems occur. This can be done remotely by looking at all data of the vessels or on location. The Seagic specialist gives a clear advice for improvement in a detailed report.