About Seagic

The maritime start-up company that uses real-life on-board experience to optimise the fleet.

Background of Seagic

Seagic is a young company that started after identifying the need for improvement and standardization of the maritime liquefied gas industry. The company started with consultancy work for specific companies and is slowly growing into the release of various software tools, training courses and services to improve the performance of vessels. Seagic mainly focuses on the liquefied gas industry but has a broader view on the complete maritime market. The company was founded during the covid pandemic due to lack of work of the founder as an independent consultant. This period gave the unique opportunity to look at the complete market and make a plan for improvement.

The founder

Per Groeneveld

Maritime specialist

Seagic is a project founded by Per Groeneveld. Per worked as a chief officer on board of liquefied natural gas tankers (LNG and LPG) before starting his own consultancy company. For a number of years he focused solely on consultancy work involving the largest LNG bunkering operations and highly specialized operations with the connection to liquefied gas. As a trainer, he was also involved in the training of various crews and new building teams of shipping companies. The reduced workload during the first COVID pandemic gave him the opportunity to reassess the market and come up with a plan to better digitize and train the maritime market.

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