Gas handling software

The Seagic software systems optimize the workflow on board and in the office.

A total package of tools for gas tankers

The Seagic software tools optimize the entire workflow related to cargo handling, cargo planning and cargo registration. The tools are divided into on-board tools for carrying out, monitoring, and calculating cargo processes, onshore tools for planning and assessing voyages and surveyor tools for third-party cargo inspection. Standardization of the systems increases trust between the different parties and speeds up the cargo paperwork on board. Onboard data logging provides a clear picture of the cargo handling processes for the crew on board and the responsible officer personnel. The Seagic tools are designed to work standalone on board without an internet connection as well as online to access the system from any location.

The Seagic software platform

Tools for all kind of tasks

Onboard applications

The family of on-board applications are there to perform various tasks on the vessel. Loading and unloading is standardized by the Gascalc, the cargo is monitored via the voyage monitoring system and many other tools are in place for total standardization.

On shore applications

The onshore applications are intended to plan, control, and monitor the execution of current voyages. A clear communication flow of the various applications is integrated into the products between the vessel and the shore-based system.

Surveyor applications

Surveyor applications are made especially for the control of transferred cargo. This is done by standardizing the surveyors workflow. The applications can run offline and will be up to date with the latest calculation standards.